Adopt-A-Hunter is a Monster Hunter community started by series veterans to assist any player who may be struggling, looking for guidance, or seeking a mentor in either Monster Hunter: World or Monster Hunter Generations: Ultimate. Our goal is to provide a helping hand to all players, new or old, looking to become a more complete and proficient monster hunter.

Here, veteran hunters will take novices under their wing in an effort to teach them the basics; passing on the knowledge a hunter needs in order to feel confident and comfortable playing on their own, or with any group. Additionally, our community is a resource hub of information, guides, and eager hunting companions open to players of any skill level.

Our initiative seeks to pair one veteran with a single novice to provide a 1-on-1 hunting and learning environment; a place where basic skills and proficiency can be acquired, developed, and honed, questions may be asked free of judgment, and both equipment and friendships will be crafted.

We seek to alleviate the burden of knowledge and steep learning curve as much as possible while avoiding outright carrying, or simply “doing it for you”.

Since 2004, the Monster Hunter community has grown and expanded to become one of the most inclusive, welcoming, and helpful online gaming communities that we have ever had the pleasure to be a part of. We hope to continue to not only preserve, but nurture that effort so that the Monster Hunter community as a whole continues to grow and be seen as a beacon of positivity in an otherwise volatile online gaming world.

Happy Hunting

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What is this program about?

Our goal is to provide any player new to or struggling with the Monster Hunter franchise a direct guiding hand in learning the basics of Monster Hunter. Dedicated Veterans are here to answer questions, help figure things out, and to let you know it's ok to fail, so long as you're trying.

I've played Monster Hunter for x hours, am I a Veteran?

A veteran is any player who feels comfortable and capable of passing on the knowledge a new hunter needs in order to feel comfortable hunting on their own, or with a group of completely random people. You don’t have to be an expert on motion values, but we expect you to know, and be able to teach, the basics.

Should I sign up as a Novice?

A novice is any player who feels like there is still fundamental and/or basic knowledge within Monster Hunter that they have yet to learn. Or someone who feels that they would benefit from having a dedicated mentor to assist them in learning the more subtle mechanics and nuances of Monster Hunter.

When will I be assigned a Novice/Veteran?

Official assignments will begin a few days before official launch. PC players will be assigned their respective Veteran/Novice shortly before PC launch goes live.

How will I be notified when I get my assignment?

You will be notified via Discord, at which time it will be up to you to get in contact with your Novice/Veteran to share your preferred contact details.

Can I find my own Novice/Veteran partner?

Absolutely! That makes our job even easier. If you find somebody here that you think would make a great partner for you, you’re welcome to officially tag up.

English isn't my primary language, will there be Veterans who speak other languages?

Yes! We have many multi-lingual Veterans and will do our best to make sure you're paired with somebody who speaks a language you understand.

I’m signed up as a Novice and wasn’t assigned a Veteran. Why?

The most likely reason for this is that your signup was incomplete or lacked critical information (such as your discord ID with unique # tags). It’s also possible that an error occurred and your signup data wasn’t saved, or maybe we just missed something. Since our goal is to ensure that all novices receive a Veteran, if we missed you – please let us know

I'm signed up as a Veteran and wasn't assigned a Novice. Why?

As of the time of this answer, we have way more Veterans signed up than Novices because this community is awesome and so many of you want to help. We are doing our best to ensure that each Novice is paired with a Veteran who matches their preferences, timezone, language, etc so if you weren’t chosen, it isn’t out of malice – we just don’t have the perfect match for you just yet! It’s also possible that your signup application lacked critical information, an error occurred, or we just missed you.

What if I will be playing on multiple platforms?

That's totally fine. You'll probably receive a message from a moderator around the time of launch to ask which platform you will be spending the most time on.

What happens if I don't like my assigned Novice/Veteran?

If for any reason whatsoever you are unhappy with your match, just message a moderator and we will find you somebody else. No questions asked.

Do I have to hunt with my assigned Novice/Veteran?

I mean, at least once, right? If you are assigned a match we expect that you will coordinate with them to set up some time to hunt together and learn. We understand that life has a funny way of throwing wrenches at things. If it throws a wrench at you that's ok, just be an adult and communicate with your partner so we can accommodate everybody.

Can I hunt with other Novices/Veterans?

Absolutely! In fact we actively encourage it. Since matches are just 1 Novice with 1 Veteran we recommend teaming up with another Veteran and Novice pair to fill out a full hunting group of 4. While you won't officially be paired with more than 1 Novice or Veteran respectively you are more than welcome to chat with, hunt with, or make friends with anybody within (or outside of) the community. We're not your moms.

I play on 3DS/PSP/WiiU/Nintendo Switch, can I still participate?

Yes and no. The Adopt-A-Hunter program is primarily aimed to assist new hunters joining us for Monster Hunter: World, but you are welcome to join the discord community and share your knowledge. We will maintain an active Handheld LFG channel for the server until the launch of Monster Hunter: World on PC, but will not be assigning Veterans or Novices for any Monster Hunter titles other than World.

Do I have to join the Discord Server to participate?

In short, yes. At this time, all official and sanctioned Adopt-A-Hunter activity takes place on our Discord server. This means that in order to participate we do require you to be a member of the server to review announcements, check the assignments document, etc.

Why don't you match a Novice with more than one Veteran?

While you are welcome to hunt with anybody at any time, all official matches will be single pairs to best ensure that we are supporting and fostering a safe, comfortable learning environment for novices while avoiding overwhelming them with a barrage of information from too many sources.