Adopt-A-Hunter is a Monster Hunter community started by series veterans to assist any player who may be struggling, looking for guidance, or seeking a mentor in either Monster Hunter: World or Monster Hunter Generations: Ultimate. Our goal is to provide a helping hand to all players, new or old, looking to become a more complete and proficient monster hunter.

Here, veteran hunters will take novices under their wing in an effort to teach them the basics; passing on the knowledge a hunter needs in order to feel confident and comfortable playing on their own, or with any group. Additionally, our community is a resource hub of information, guides, and eager hunting companions open to players of any skill level.

Our initiative seeks to pair one veteran with a single novice to provide a 1-on-1 hunting and learning environment; a place where basic skills and proficiency can be acquired, developed, and honed, questions may be asked free of judgment, and both equipment and friendships will be crafted.

We seek to alleviate the burden of knowledge and steep learning curve as much as possible while avoiding outright carrying, or simply “doing it for you”.

Since 2004, the Monster Hunter community has grown and expanded to become one of the most inclusive, welcoming, and helpful online gaming communities that we have ever had the pleasure to be a part of. We hope to continue to not only preserve, but nurture that effort so that the Monster Hunter community as a whole continues to grow and be seen as a beacon of positivity in an otherwise volatile online gaming world.

Happy Hunting

For More Information please visit our Discord:

Don't be a jerk

Do not harass, act with malice, or intent to abuse any of the Adopt-A-Hunter community members in any regard. This includes direct message, mentions, or any other means of contact outside of the server.

We are all Hunters

Race, Sex, Gender, Nationality, Political Affiliation, Sexual Orientation, Beliefs, Wealth, Religion, etc. are not a part of our community. They are not topics to be discussed within Adopt-A-Hunter under any circumstance. If you have a grievance related to any of the aforementioned topics, please directly contact a member of the moderation team.

Respect Privacy

Do not give out anybody’s contact or other personal information without their consent. This includes PSN ID’s, XBL Gamertags, and Steam Profile Links.

Use deliberate language

Choose your words with care and intent. We aren’t saying you can’t swear, but be mindful of the environment in which you choose to do so. Do not make racist, bigoted, or inflammatory remarks, period.

Respect the community and its members

We are here in an attempt to spread enjoyment, inclusivity, and knowledge. We ask that you keep negativity and general complaints to a minimum. Constructive criticism is welcome when requested.

Do not "Troll"

Do not act with intent to subvert or bend the rules in any fashion in an attempt to elicit a negative response from any member of the community.

Do not misinform

Do not provide information that you know is false under the pretense of intentionally misleading any member of the community.

Do not "Gatekeep"

Do not imply that anybody is not a "True x" for any reason. If they are here, they are a member of the community, and their opinions are valid so long as they adhere by the community rules and Code of Conduct.

Keep your personal life personal

If you’re having a bad day, we hope that hunting, or chatting with your fellow community members will help. But we aren’t your personal therapist; certain topics are best left outside of Monster Hunter.

Be a good steward

Do not encourage others to break the Rules or Code of Conduct.

Do not spam

Do not post unrelated or unnecessary images, links to other discords, websites, memes, etc. We have specific locations for Self-Promotion, off-topic links, and memes.

Leave moderation to the moderators

We appreciate if you help be a positive influence and encourage fellow hunters to act according to the code of conduct. But at the end of the day, let the mod team handle any problems.